Bathroom decor with Pedestal sink

Bathroom decor with a Pedestal sink can be tricky because of the limited amount of space. The best choice for a stylish bathroom is to have a Pedestal sink so that you don’t have any cabinet or vanity taking up extra room. It’s clean and simple looking. But there are some important elements that are essential for a bathroom to look nice with a Pedestal sink.

One single pedestal sink usually has insufficient storage space, very little countertop space, and no drawers. Moreover, there is the problem of where to put the towels since you need them close at hand but don’t want to take up any more room.

Here is a list of the important elements needed for your bathroom to have a nice design with a Pedestal sink:

1. A Simple Design

The overall look of the bathroom should be simple and basic so that you can work around the limited amount of space. Adding clutter or too many decorative pieces will only make it feel messy and crowded. Keep it simple, clean, and sleek.

2. Warm colors for an inviting ambiance

Warm colors are important because they create a welcoming feel to the bathroom. This is especially true with natural light streaming in from large windows or skylights. They make even the smallest bathroom look cozy and comfortable, which is also inviting to guests.

3. Plenty of natural light and ventilation

The bathroom should have natural light and ventilation to keep it feeling open and airy instead of closed in and stuffy. Placing a window right above or near the Pedestal sink means that you can use your sink without turning on the lights, which is great for when you’re in a hurry to get ready.

4. Built-in storage

Bathroom decor with a Pedestal sink really needs at least one large cabinet or shelf somewhere in the bathroom for extra storage, especially if you use the sink quite frequently. The space below the sink is usually wasted because it can’t be used as much as other areas of the bathroom. So you can use this as your storage space instead of the cabinet on the wall. Just be sure that it doesn’t block any natural light from coming into the room and going under this area of the sink so that it’s easy to clean.

5. A countertop with a backsplash

A Pedestal sink usually doesn’t have a backsplash, which means that it can be easy to chip the paint or stain the wall. A countertop is a good idea for a surface to place items or decorative pieces on. It gives you a flat area to put things and saves the wall from any water damage by collecting it in one spot before going into the drain.

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